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New Networks

Networks are not only for fortune 500 companies anymore. If your home or organization has two or more computer systems, installing a wireless or ethernet (CAT5 or 6) network can make your organization and your staff more productive. Here is what a network can do for you:


* Share computer files.
* Allow mobility if using wireless on a laptop
* No carrying floppies and zip disks around.
* Share printers.
* No separate printer for each station.
* Share a databases, images and documents.
* Share a single Internet connection.
* Reduce telephone and Internet charges.
* Share e-mail.
* No need to print or photocopy emails.
* No need to distribute emails in person.
* A centralized backup of your critical data.
* Fax over the network using a fax server.

If these points sound good to you then it's time to set up a Local Area Network.

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